Are your knees collapsing while you squat?

If your knees are collapsing inward while you squat, it could be due to a weak glut med. By doing this exercise, you'll strengthen your glut med and be able to keep your knees out. This exercise is one of our favorites!! You'll feel the burn immediately.

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Are you having trouble, keeping those knees out while you squat, and it's really noticeable when you start adding weight? I'm Dr. Clayton, and I'm about to show you the best exercise that you can do to teach your body how to keep those knees out while you're squatting before I show you this exercise, let me show you the exact muscle we're going to be targeting.

As we look at this diagram - and I start to take off some of the muscles, this right here is the muscle that you need to focus on.

It's called your glute mead, it's main or one of its main responsibilities is for knee stability, not allowing your knee to shift left to right we're going to be targeting that muscle and you need to strengthen it, you're going to feel the burn right away embrace it.
Let's show you this exercise for this exercise, you're going to be on your side, you're going to be on your forearm.

Your elbow is going to be in line with your hips, make sure you bring your knees up towards your chest, to where your hip and knees are all at 90 degrees.

Make sure that your site is away from the ground.
Once you have those three things in place, it's time to do the exercise from here you're going to roll onto the front side of your knee.

It's going to look like this here once you roll make sure that you're not going up towards your head and that you're sitting back into your hip, keeping your back nice and straight once you have this position.
You should already start to feel a little bit of a burn right on the hip, that was on the ground and then you're going to lift this leg.

And it's going to intensify you're going to hold for five seconds.

And then you go back down as you go back down, make sure you hold good posture.
Don't let yourself just collapse, keep that position and up again make sure that you're sitting back in your hip that you're not up this way sit all the way back.
Roll onto the front side of your knee and lift the leg hold for five seconds and back down if you're, not feeling in the back of the hip you're, not in the right position, so really make sure that you feel it in the back of the hip.


If you feel it in the front you're not doing it right, one more time slide away elbow in line with your hip and now you're going to roll onto the front side of your knee and you're going to lift, keeping that back nice and straight for five Seconds it really burns have fun with it make sure you feel it in the back of the hip.

That is my favorite exercise to fix those knees from collapsing or what some people call knee valgus.
It could also be coming from flat feet.

So if you have flat feet make sure you go check out the two videos that I've made, they give you some awesome exercises on how to fix those feet.
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We always appreciate it.

If you have any questions.
Questions drop them down below I'd love to answer them for you until next time keep moving and enjoy the rest.

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