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We cure pain through a combination of traditional chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques.  Not only that, we'll teach you exercises tailored to your source of pain so you learn how to stay pain-free for good!

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Got an injury or general pain?

Do you have an injury or source of pain right now? Almost everyone does! Whether it's a new sports injury or reoccuring pain from bad posture during work-from-home, our bodies indure repetitive stress every day.  It may feel better for awhile, but without treatment the same injury can become aggravated again. You may have even seen a chiropractor or physical therapist before, but the pain eventually returns. Sound familiar?

Learn how to become pain-free, for good!

Most chiropractors perform general adjustments as a temporary solution for your pain.  Using a checklist, they can perform a standard set of adjustments on a majority of individuals to leave the you walking out of their office feeling better. The problem? You're going to need to come back for the same adjustment time and time again! 

Empower Health + Performance is different. 

Instead of providing band-aid solutions that require you to keep coming back, our ultimate goal is to get you pain-free for good. We do this by:

  • Getting to know your unique situation.
  • Determining the source of your pain.
  • Providing an immediate solution to lower or eliminate your pain.
  • Using a combination of traditional chiropractic techniques as well as tailored physiotherapy exercises for long term success. 
  • Teaching you tailored exercises to strengthen your body in a way that will help you eliminate the pain for good.
  • Creating a treatment plan according to your unique situation. 

Meet the Doctors

At Empower, our goal is not just to relieve your pain, but to teach you how to prevent it from returning or experiencing further injury. Here's some examples of what that may look like:

Dr. Clayton Schuelke 

Dr. Courtney Wilson 

We're here to help you live pain-free

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Emphasis on active rehabilitation

Muscle your way through pain and back into shape. You did it before and you can do it again.

Tools to alleviate pain

Let us teach you how to remedy your injuries or pain through a customized treatment program.

Avoid future injuries

Understand what led to your injury or general pain in the first place to help avoid it in the future.

Take back your life

Don't let pain limit you. We'll teach you how to eliminate pain and prevent it from coming back


A few months before my marathon, I started experiencing glute and neck pains. I schedule with Empowered Health + Performance... After a few appointments, the neck pain was gone. Dr. Clayton showed me various exercises that strengthened my glute muscles and balanced my running form. Through his rehab, I was able to complete my training cycle and confidently run my 6th marathon!
Marathon runner


Marathon runner
I have been dealing with pain for almost a year. One visit with Dr. Schuelke and I experienced incredible relief. He was very attentive when I explained my injury and came up a treatment plan tailored specifically to me. I had been in physical therapy and was getting pretty discouraged with the lack of healing. I am now looking forward to my next visit and continued improvement.
Weight lifter


Chronic pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you provide your service?

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How long does the  rehab last?

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How many sessions do I need?

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Do you offer refund/money back guarantee?

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Do you offer refund/money back guarantee?

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Why choose Empower Health + Performance?

Empower Health + Performance is a multi-faceted rehabilitative center committed to personalized care. We aim to eliminate pain, restore function and prevent recurring flare ups through patient education and chiropractic care.

We strive to provide high-caliber manual therapy techniques with an emphasis on active rehabilitation, thus empowering our patients to be active participants in the healing process.

All our treatments include:

  • In-depth evaluations

  • Soft tissue work (A.R.T., Graston, cupping)

  • RockTape

  • Adjustments

  • Therapeutic exercises

  • Lasting results!

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Dr. Clayton
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