Are you experiencing neck pain after some of your workouts? There are two mistakes that you're probably making during your workouts that's causing that neck pain. The first mistake we're going to cover is being able to keep your neck in a neutral position, whether it's squatting, deadlifting, kettlebell swings, push ups, plank's it doesn't matter. Your neck has to stay in a neutral or straight position, for example, when you're squatting. A big mistake people make is they look up towards the ceiling to keep their back nice and straight!

You can see that puts a ton of tension on your neck. You should be able to keep it nice and straight the entire time. Don't look at the wall in front of you. You can see how much tension is being put on my neck and doing that several times throughout a workout.

Of course, you're going to have a lot of tension buildup up into the neck.

Be able to keep that neck nice and straight the entire time as you're lifting will dramatically decrease a lot of that discomfort you're having.

The second mistake we're going to cover is not allowing your upper body to sag any time you lower your shoulders, whether it's in a plank push up or even when you're doing mountain climbers, you have to make sure that you're actually pushing the ground away the entire time and not letting the upper body sag. I'm going to use the plank for this example, and this is what the mistake looks like. If I'm in this plank and I feel my shoulder blades pinching are, you know, that my upper body is sagging.

Now, push that ground away, getting your chest and face away from the floor by letting yourself sag.

You're putting a ton of pressure on the muscles in your upper back that a lot of them go up into your neck and definitely don't look up at the wall in front of you. That's a double whammy. You're really going to have neck pain if you do that, push that ground away, get in your face and chest away from the floor, and keeping your neck nice and straight. The same thing goes for a push-up. Don't let yourself sag. Push that ground away.

Keep your neck nice and straight. If you can implement that into your workouts, your neck pain will dramatically decrease.

If you can avoid those two scenarios, I guarantee that nagging neck pain will go away. If you have any questions for us dropping down below, I'd love to answer them until next time. Keep moving and enjoy the rest of your day.

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